French Tech Ticket: a big welcome to Buglab and Lamane!

For the second season of French Tech Ticket, talent from around the world is being welcomed into the French Tech ecosystem—and no longer just in Paris! We couldn’t be happier!

Various certified cities are playing host in 2017, and La French Tech Rennes St Malo is pleased to welcome Buglab and Lamane. The two projects are being guided by one of the region’s incubators: IMT Atlantique (formerly Telecom Bretagne).

What exactly is French Tech Ticket?

French Tech Ticket is a structure designed to attract the best in international tech projects to France, where they can develop and grow alongside La French Tech. As Buglab founder Reda Cherqaoui explains, similar initiatives already exist in the UK and Chile: “I followed the Start-up Chile program closely and saw that France had reproduced the same experience, only better, under the name French Tech Ticket“.

Who is eligible for French Tech Ticket? Those with ambitious tech projects that are either being created or already set up, who reside in either their home country or already in France (often for their studies). Once their application has been selected, these young entrepreneurs benefit from a customized program offering €45,000 of financing for professional expenses, a 12-month incubation period in a partner structure, a dedicated networking program, support with administrative red tape, and assistance setting up their business.

It is a truly comprehensive program for smooth sailing in France: “French Tech Ticket helps us develop our start-up by making the most of the existing network and a program of master classes and events. We are granted a 4-year residency permit that unlocks the door to the highly impressive French ecosystem, as well as access to all the tools we need to see our projects through to a successful conclusion,” continues Reda.

A highly successful first season

From among the 22 start-ups selected to participate in the first edition of French Tech Ticket, 18 have chosen to continue their development in France and 7 have already raised a total of 2.8 million euros combined. More than half of the selected start-ups also registered their company in France or are in the process of doing so.

This success has had a direct impact on season 2, sparking twice as many applications with 1,372 candidates from over 100 countries. The majority of applicants reside in India, the United States, Russia, Brazil or Egypt.

Coming from Morocco (where he has already made headlines), Reda explains why Buglab is pursuing its development in Rennes: “First and foremost, we’re here because it gives us access to the European market. Creating our start-up here gives us the credibility and prominence we need, as we operate in a rather specific, sensitive niche. Today, we have the opportunity of being supported by IMT Atlantique, which incubates 5 cybersecurity start-ups. This highlights how dynamic the cybersecurity sector is in Brittany, which interests us immensely for both market access and skills. Being here means being close to other cybersecurity entrepreneurs and campus research teams.”

Cooperation between local and international talent is essential to the success of the most ambitious projects!