French Tech Ticket: the first local results with Lamane and Buglab!

In 2018, the French Tech Ticket celebrates its third birthday! First deployed exclusively in Paris, this arrangement made it possible for international talent to be welcomed in other regions as of last year.  In Rennes, IMT Atlantique opened its doors to Buglab and Lamane.

The local territory nourished by international presence

Marianne Laurent, in charge of innovation development at IMT, explains the significance of the French Tech Ticket for the various players involved: “Our experience with the French Tech Ticket in 2017 demonstrated the attractiveness of our offering to an international audience, in part thanks to the campus’ strong thematic positioning (in Cybersecurity and Smart City solutions). Indeed, the two projects we hosted in Rennes chose the city and the incubator due to their cybersecurity expertise, the local talent pool and the high concentration of other startups in the same field. The presence of foreign startups at the incubator also serves to introduce “local” entrepreneurs to new methods and expose them to new networks.”

From the startups’ perspective

Said Oulmakhzoune, the co-founder of Lamane, tells us of a prosperous year, with valuable support from the territory’s various organizations: “We received assistance from the IMT Atlantique incubator, as well as that of Rennes Atalante (via Emergys). We were able to conduct a detailed analysis of the anonymization market and develop the legal aspects (intellectual property, the company’s articles of association). With French Tech Rennes St Malo, we took part in events involving meetings between investors and local startups (Startup On The Beach, MarketPitch…). Not to forget the PEC (cyber excellence division) and BDI!” The French Tech Ticket also enables the administrative aspects of a stay in France to be simplified thanks to the Préfecture and the Helpdesk.

Lamane is currently marketing its ADAPT (Advanced Data Anonymization & Privacy Tools) solution. In parallel, the team is looking for beta clients to test ADAPT and flesh it out by adding other use cases, which will help it jointly develop customizable solutions with future clients.

For Reda Cherqaoui, founder and CEO of Buglab, the French Tech Ticket program has… “Launching our platform from Morocco was a bit difficult, so we decided to position ourselves in a more favourable ecosystem for Buglab. This is why we chose Rennes and the IMT Atlantique incubator to start our business. As soon as we got here, we found exactly what we were looking for: connections with industry professionals, technical mentoring, contacts at a cyber security centre of excellence, international relations, and more, with investors, with whom we are currently closing a deal”.

Buglab is now working on a ICO (Initial Coin Offering), a method of crowdfunding centered around cryptocurrency,  which can be a source of capital for startups.

In 2017, the French Tech Ticket program received 2,700 applications all over France. Following the selection process, the 70 projects accepted were hosted in 41 incubators located in 13 cities bearing the French Tech label.


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