Le Booster Season 5: NFSave

NFSave, wear your medical file on your wrist!

A computer science alumnus from Epitech de Rennes, Antoine Ouvrans has developed a truly portable medical file… in the form of a bracelet. The concept? To allow firefighters, rescue workers and emergency physicians to access critical patient information in just a few seconds.

With the help of his partner, Simon Pedrono, the young entrepreneur took advantage of Le Booster to acquire business and marketing skills resulting in supplying all 4 Britany’s departments by 2018 with his web-enabled device

What is NFSave?

What if an accessory weighing only a few grams could save your life? This is the goal of NFSave: a small bracelet with an NFC chip that can transfer your vital information in case of emergency.

Emergency personnel will use a dedicated application to access the stored data. “Multiple kinds of information can be integrated,” specifies Antoine. Your illnesses, allergies, blood type, the number of your emergency contact…,” crucial information that could save your life. Of course, the application would not be available to the general public, and this young entrepreneur reached out for the CNIL’s expertise to protect the data stored within the device properly.

How does it work exactly? ” Once the bracelet is read by the device, it releases electromagnetic field accessing the data instantly when it comes in contact with the chip.” Antoine explains. “It works without batteries and without connection, and does not wear out.”

With the boom in sales of internet-enabled objects, NFC technology usage increases every day. For example, some of this technology can be witnessed in Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines, in contactless payment cards and at music festivals, with the Cashless system.

Le Booster, an invaluable leg up

Before joining Le Booster, Antoine already had a prototype. “I had taped an NFC chip to a plastic bracelet to show how my product worked,” he laughed.

Since he joined the program in February 2017, he expanded his network and met professionals within his field. Thanks to his new business and marketing skills he was able to decide which distribution channels he should use to sell his product.

At the moment, NFSave can be found in a partner pharmacy in Morbihan, a sort of test phase to ensure that sales run smoothly: “The bracelet can be set up in pharmacies thanks to a station where your personal data can be entered.”

What’s next?

When we asked him if, like all start-ups, he wanted to take over the world… Antoine laughingly confirmed. At the moment, NFSave’s main goal is to work with the four departments of Brittany by late 2017 or early 2018 to receive initial feedback A and E communities.

In parallel, the young start-up works on a major project with hospitals: to replace plastic bracelets normally used to identify patients during their stays in a healthcare establishment. “With our bracelet, medical staff could access data, modify it in real-time, know where patients are in the hospital, etc. This is an ambitious project that requires the development of management software.”

With an innovative concept and an already-packed schedule, it looks like Antoine and Simon will be very busy and in high demand in the coming months!

* We saw Antoine operate his test bracelet and the data really can be instantly accessed once the chip has been scanned.