Le Booster season #3: Tech4Race


An innovative solution has been developed by Fabien Letort and Adrien Savary  to help outdoor sports events organizers improve security and visibility during their races. The idea is simple: real-time tracking of all participants, something which isn’t possible with the devices and solutions based on GSM technology currently on the market.

With Tech4Race, you will soon be able to cheer on your friends or family as they cross the finish line, without worrying about missing them or waiting too long.

But that’s not all: logistics for this type of sports event will change significantly, with the added benefit of better control for the organizers.

Tech4race: ready, set…

Developer Fabien explains: “As a dedicated athlete immersed in the Internet of Things, I realized that tracking methods were limited during sports events. They were still using technology from ten years ago and basic timekeeping methods, while demands were changing, particularly due to advances in athletes’ training habits. I wanted to take on this challenge, but not all alone, so I teamed up with Adrien. We fell precisely within Le Booster’s target: in February we started out with just an idea. And now, we’re leaving Le Booster with a prototype, a business model and a direction. We’ll use these elements to work on our business strategy, and determine how to present and promote our solution.”

So, how does Tech4race work? All of the athletes are equipped with a tracker and information is sent by antennas set up for the race or using an existing network. The data is then accessible through various dedicated web or mobile interfaces, depending on user profiles: commentators and members of the media will not have the same interface as people who want to follow their friends and family. The same data will therefore be used for different interfaces (on the event website, a dedicated application or the Tech4race application) for different needs.

“We set up our end-to-end service with about ten trackers, antennas and a web tracking interface to see the information received as points on a map. So we now have a working prototype, which has already been tested in a marathon abroad. We’re going to continue this testing phase for another 6-8 months and we’ll begin working on V2 in September,” Adrien adds.

Dear timekeepers,

As you have gathered, the market for Tech4race will focus on sports events. But this represents a very broad market, as Fabien explains, “ Road or trail races for runners, bike races, nautical sports along the shore… we’re going to wait a bit before considering other sectors, but we already know that individual tracking provides opportunities in terms of security. ”

In this B2B market, organizers are already aware that improvements can be made, as current timekeeping methods only allow them to give athletes their times (final and split times). Event organizers would now like to take a step further: toward real-time data. Geolocation also offers a real advantage for managing security and medical teams throughout a race route. Future users were quick to realize the added value of this feature during interviews carried out as part of the Le Booster program.

Within the world of sports events organization, one role is of particular interest to Adrien and Fabien: the timekeeper. “ This technical service provider is in charge of the start and finish, and timekeeping in between. The idea is for timekeepers to incorporate our service into their own solution and sell it as part of their race portfolio, ” explain the two project leaders. As #season3 of #LeBooster draws to a close, Tech4Race looks forward to seeing you at their own start line!

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