Rent a space

340 square meters for your meetings, workshops and events !

Level 1

  • A large room of 230m2 (198 people) (divisible in 3 rooms)  800€ a day (before tax) 
  • An agora of 25m2 (40 people) 200€ a day (before tax) 

Level 2

  • A private room of 30m2 (12 people) 
  • A semi-private room of 30m2 (12 people) 
  • Six mobile and modular cabins of 4m2s each (4 people per cabin) 

Every space comes with wifi , a video projector (or a TV screen) and a paperboard.

Daily or half-day rental.

Spaces are modular to fit your needs of conferences or workshops within a dynamic environment which can also be ideal for you team building activities.

To find out more about our rate or simply for more information, do not hesitate to reach out! or +33 (0)2.30.300.700. 

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